Strengthening a new generation of local marine conservation leaders in Indonesia

Blue Ventures

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Blue Ventures is a marine conservation organisation that exists to protect life inthe ocean.  They were founded on thesimple idea of putting communities at the heart of conservation.  Informed by two decades working alongsidecoastal communities throughout the tropics, BV partners with small-scalefishers and community organisations to address overfishing and safeguard oceanlife in ways that benefit them.

Indonesia comprises almost 17,500 islands, has the longest coastlineand largest coastal fisheries resource of any country on Earth. Ninety fivepercent of Indonesia’s seafood production comes from small-scale fisherieswhich depend on the country’s exceptional marine biodiversity. Since 2016 BVhas conducted extensive scoping across Indonesia to identify promising localorganisations supporting community-based marine management. BV is nowsupporting 17 organisations, implementing high-impact marine conservation at 66sites across the archipelago.

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Since 2019, BV’s Indonesian sister organisation based in Bali, Yayasan Pesisir Lestari (YPL) has brought these partners together within a peer-learning network, with regular exchange visits and an Annual Partners’ Forum. These allow partners to share ideas within a supportive network of aligned human-rights focused local environmental organisations.  The growing network plays a key role in strengthening the role of local organisations in supporting community-led fisheries management across Indonesia.

Since January 2020,BV has worked with leadership specialist Maliasili to strengthen a new generation of marine conservation leaders in Africa. The African Marine Conservation Leadership Programme (AMCLP) provides training and coaching ​to bolster the leadership skills of talented leaders of trailblazing marine conservation organisations.

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Building on the success of the AMCLP, over the next two years, BV will work with YPL and Maliasili to develop and establish a parallel programme inIndonesia. This programme will focus on building the long-term organisational capacity, leadership and performance of local Indonesian marine organisations enabling them to deliver on their missions and scale up their impacts on the water.  

“We're absolutely thrilled to be embarking on this exciting new partnership with the Levine Family Foundation. Their generous support will enable us to strengthen our support for conservation leaders from dynamic local partner organisations across Indonesia.”.

Dr Alasdair Harris - Executive Director

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