Fighting for sustainable fishing practices & fostering structural changes in the fishing sector


© Pierre Gleizes

Time is running out for the climate, biodiversity and humans. The IPCC and IPBES scientists all call for a complete overhaul of our ways of interacting with nature and a fundamental reset of our production and consumption patterns, which are simply incompatible with climate trajectories and biodiversity imperatives. If no immediate and profound action is taken, our planet is doomed to face an imminent ecological, health, food and socio-economic catastrophe. 

BLOOM’s vision is to resist this fate by proving that dedicated action can reverse the course of environmental and human tragedy. BLOOM is a non-profit organization funded in 2005 that works to preserve the marine environment and species from unnecessary destruction, to safeguard its ecosystems from climate change and biodiversity erosion, as well as to achieve positive socio-economic balances and employment in the fishing sector.

© Pierre Gleizes

At this tipping point, it is undeniable that the level of urgency calls for a systemic change in our relationship with the ocean. In order to effectively fight climate change, we need to conduct structural changes in the fishing sector because our ocean, the primary regulator of our planet's climate, is still severely overexploited by heavily subsidized industrial fishing fleets, but also increasingly polluted and devastated by destructive fishing practices such as bottom trawling, one of the most destructive fishing gears which contributes to greenhouse gas emissions due to its high fuel consumption and disturbance of carbon-containing marine sediments.

At BLOOM we are delighted to embark on another three-years’ journey with the Levine Family Foundation in order to lay the foundations for a greater transformation of the fishing sector and develop concrete sustainable solutions that would allow to rebuild the fish stocks, marine ecosystems and resilience of local fishing communities in the EU region.

© Shale C Nouvian