Eliminating IUU Fishing through Transparency


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Oceana is the largest international environmental organisation focused solely on protecting and restoring the world’s oceans. Oceana in Europe carries-out policy and advocacy work at both the EU and Member State level to improve, enforce and fully implement ocean conservation and fisheries management laws and EU Directives. With over 17 years of experience working in Europe, our cross-disciplinary campaign team of policy experts, marine scientists, and communicators, work cohesively to bring about policy changes that address the most urgent problems confronting the marine environment.

Oceana has permanent presence and representation in nearly 20 different working/stakeholder groups, advisory councils, and international scientific fora to facilitate access to relevant European institutions. This allows its experts to stay alert over the latest marine policy developments, monitor implementation processes and influence the development of new emerging policy interventions. In addition, Oceana exercises a highly collaborative approach to engage with different stakeholders, which allows to build alliances and targeted partnerships to achieve the anticipated result.

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Oceana works through multiyear science-based campaign plans that are defined in terms of three to four years, and that are designed to achieve measurable change with fixed deadlines and articulated goals. Its primary focus is to tackle the lack of suitable implementation and enforcement of current laws and regulations, the loopholes that prevent their effective application, as well as seeking new interventions when deemed necessary.

The Levine Family Foundation is supporting the work of Oceana towards the delivery of further transparency in the EU by making fishing vessels fully trackable and have their catches recorded electronically; the expansion and strengthening of lists of authorised vessels for the Atlantic and Mediterranean; the requirement for Member States to make publicly available on an annual basis their efforts to stop illegal fishing and overfishing; and the work with key companies that provide services, including insurers to IUU vessels, with the aim to have at least one major European company in a service-providing sector improve its due diligence processes to avoid contracts that support IUU fishing.

If you would like more information about Oceana, please visit their website at Home | Oceana Europe.

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