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Aligning Global Investments with a Sustainable Future


Planet Tracker is a not-for-profit financial think tank aligning capital markets with planetary limits. It was launched in 2018 by the Investor Watch Group whose founders, Mark Campanale and Nick Robins, were behind the Carbon Tracker Initiative. Critical ecosystems on which societies and economies depend are dangerously close to collapse. Capital market goals which maximise high returns to investors today are generally not internalising planetary limitations or placing fair value on ecological resources. Through a combination of financial analytics and engagement with institutional investors, Planet Tracker aims to unlock, mobilise and redirect the transformative power of capital markets to deliver on sustainable development objectives. Planet Tracker creates reports and analyses to raise awareness of these ‘values-at-risk’ to the financial community.


The Fish Tracker Programme

Fish Tracker, an initiative of Planet Tracker, and with support from the Levine Family Foundation, investigates the role that financial institutions play in financing the trade in global fisheries, with the aim of aligning capital markets with sustainable fisheries management.


In 2017, approximately 90% of the world’s marine fish stocks were classified as fully exploited, overexploited or depleted, up from 75% in 2000. As fish stocks decline, the cost of production for accessing and processing wild caught fish increases. As a result of declining fish stocks, the global marine fishing industry is currently failing to realise annual economic benefits from $51 billion to $83 billion.


Planet Tracker is working with international investors and asset managers to assess how declines in wild catch fish stocks effect investment risks and returns. Our upcoming report sets out a series of recommendations for institutional investors, credit lenders and companies to adopt practices that support the sustainability of wild catch seafood stocks, reduce financial risk and prevent financial losses.

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