Sustainable Seafood

The ocean has been bled dry: still severely overexploited, but also increasingly polluted and devastated by destructive fishing methods. It is being methodically emptied of its extraordinary resources, which were long believed to be inexhaustible and, consequently, dramatically neglected by public opinion and public powers. This is a harsh awakening: jellyfish, algae and bacteria are progressively replacing fish in marine ecosystems. The ocean can no longer provide the countless services that it has silently given us for so long: on top of providing ‘free’ food, it also absorbs CO2 and regulates our climate . We are facing a looming ecological, health and socio-economic disaster.

BLOOM’s vision is to resist this fate by proving that dedicated action can reverse the course of environmental and human tragedy. BLOOM is a non-profit organisation founded in 2005 that works to preserve the marine environment and species from unnecessary destruction, and to increase social benefits in the fishing sector. BLOOM carries out scientific research projects with its own team of scientists along with a wide network of scholars in order to highlight crucial and unaddressed issues such as destructive fishing practices (e.g. deep-sea bottom trawling , electric fishing), the harmful financing mechanisms of the fishing sector and the misleading 'sustainable seafood' labels . These research projects are then used to wage awareness and advocacy campaigns in order to accelerate the adoption of concrete solutions for the ocean, humans and the climate.

At BLOOM we are delighted to embark on the sustainable seafood journey together with the Levine Family Foundation. It is all about a new research project whose ultimate aim is to better secure future needs for food provision, maintenance of ocean ecosystem support functions, climate change resilience, and biodiversity recovery and conservation.

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